Special in Cirebon West Java, Indonesia

here are some typical snacks or famous hawker Cirebon, you can meet around the Cirebon.

Porridge Soup:

Porridge contains shredded cabbage, scallions, fried soybean, celery soup poured gravy and sprinkled nuts, shredded chicken and crackers. At first glance it’s food is a combination of pureed chicken and vegetable soup Just color nodes. Served them hot soup and porridge usually sold only at night

Sega jamblang:

Sega jamblang are side dishes such as rice mix. Presented at the 2-3 true leaf layers. Continuing with an assortment of side dishes, such as the lungs, meat, tempeh, tofu, calamari, etc. as well as the typical chili cirebon. The merchants are very distinctive because it uses a low table that held a wide variety of foods and is surrounded by a long bench to sit shoppers. The way of presentation, the salesman handed me rice wrapped in teak leaves and then take his own side dishes buyers who wanted to eat. The seller of rice jamblang quite scattered in the city of Cirebon in addition they are open 24 hours.

Mie Koclok:

Why is it called a noodle koclok as before d serve, mienya soaked in hot water before use stem sieve, after a few minutes in the lift and trus-koclok koclok so that the water falls. Mie koclock consists of yellow noodles served with bean sprouts, cabbage, shredded chicken, egg and sprinkled with coconut milk. Served hot fit again for no good when cold already.

Rice Lengko:

Rice Lengko consists of food that is as simple as white rice, tofu, tempeh, cucumber, bean sprouts and chives leaves. Then sprinkled with fried onions and smothered in peanut sauce and soy sauce.Palatable if accompanied eating white aci crackers! Sega sellers Lengko quite spread around the city Cerbon quite simply because these foods are also affordable for the community.


It contained rice cake mixed cassava leaves, bean sprouts, coconut parudan plus crackers. continue to be eaten with a sauce made of herbs which she oncom or dage ‘for the designation of Cirebon who already diinap overnight. The food is just different kinds of vegetables but wrote with rice cake soup ‘dagenya used to make its own distinctive flavor.

Sate Kalong:

Kalong satay skewers are like regular fuel which is made from buffalo meat. Her presentation was on the buffalo meat though with herbs and skewer with a lengthy sujen and shaped the city. There are two kinds of taste, the sweet and salty. because that was always sold late evening so it is called satay skewers bats

Know Gejrot:

Know gejrot is one such typical food cirebon know little kind of know sumedang but it was empty and it was delicious. The presentation is always at taroh in the cup which is made of clay. marinade mixture of onion, cayenne pepper and soy sauce mix evenly. subsequent to pour out her last.

Empal Gentong:

Empal Gentong is the typical food of Cirebon city. The food is similar to the goulash (gule) and cooked using firewood (tamarind tree) which is incorporated into the anglo (clay stove) in the barrel (anchoring clay). The meat used is beef, offal consisting of tripe, intestines, lungs, and spleen simmered in a spicy coconut milk sprinkled with special leaf chives sauce combined with a distinctive flavor powder and crackers rambak. Can be eat with rice cake and rice.

Pancake Cirebon:

or so-called cookies pancakes surabi somewhat different than in other parts of Indonesia. Pancake made from rice flour mixed with coconut milk and grated coconut to produce a distinctive savory flavor. Clay oven cooked with firewood from the fire source using a small pan of clay as well. Cirebon typical pancake is served with tempe or dage oncom Oreg. For those who like a pancake with a sweet taste, you can choose a red pancake pancake syrup of palm sugar or brown sugar to the mix when making pancakes.

Know typical thunderstorm Cirebon:

form and presentation rather different idea thunderstorm in the city, sliced fried tofu triangles (not the rectangular box), fried dry, but the inside know it still feels solid, not hollow. Served with a sprinkling of fine salt, thunderstorm separate paper-wrapped shrimp and cayenne pepper.

Crackers destitute:

is one typical Cirebon crackers, made from tapioca flour base, in frying without oil, but the sand was cleaned by filtration and drying processes by sieving. Irregular shape and different colors, some are pink, yellow, green and white. Served with sour sauce. Can now easily be obtained in supermarkets around Cirebon and at places selling souvenirs typical of Cirebon.

Crackers Rambak:

Another cracker is a typical hawker Cirebon, made from cow skin fat that is processed into crackers.Cowhide is still wet and then dried in the sun to dry the water boiled with lime and salt. Once inflated, dried cowhide back to drain the water, then cut into pieces. Dried and soaked again with herbs. Dried back to dry and then packaged in plastic wrap. In addition as a snack, crackers rambak, also known as preventive medicine thyroid disease and ulcers. Rambak Crackers are sold around the market or supermarket Plered Cirebon.

Tjampolay syrup (Campolai):

or full “Fruit Syrup Tjap Tjampolay” is typical syrup Cirebon. The syrup is made based on a formula or recipe results Tjek Tjiu late Tan on July 11, 1936 it has now entered the third generation, despite the ups and downs in its marketing. Made with pure sugar and did not use saccharine material.Marketed by maintaining the flavor of “the old days”, naming and packaging. Originally there were only three flavors of syrup, which rossen, sour orange, and pineapple. And, since 1993 added a variety of new flavors such as banana milk, melon, lemon, coffee mocca, lychee and mango gedong.Tjampolay syrup can be purchased at stores selling souvenirs Cirebon Cirebon supermarkets as well as in supermarkets major cities of Indonesia.

Guava Leaf Sticky Tape:

Weskipun originally from Brass but sticky tape guava leaves quite famous in Cirebon, made of glutinous white pickled or fermented for about three days and wrapped with guava leaves. Sold in packs of black plastic box or bucket. Foods with characteristic sweet and sour taste, many manufactured in the Cibeureum, Kuningan, West Java. Tape Ketan Guava leaves can be easily purchased at stores selling souvenirs typical of Cirebon Cirebon Morning Market area.

Terasi cirebon:

Paste is one of the products produced from shrimp processing techniques in the communities Cirebon. Paste is the secret flavor of the delicacy are owned dishes typical of Cirebon. With processing techniques that have been passed down and tested, making salted fish and shrimp paste as home products industry the most hunted by tourists.

Typical among other in cirebon like

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